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Why you should pray

If you read this blog long enough you will see my own personal story will seep through the words. God often uses your own personal journey to minister to the hearts of those in front of you. I often hear about those who struggle to pray consistently. I know there was a time when I… Continue reading Why you should pray

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Have you ever looked back at something you prayed for and how it was answered? There have been moments in my life that I have been called to pray. The words even appear to be hitting the ears of God and falling to the ground. Even though I know in my heart that this is… Continue reading Prayer 

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Feeling accomplished

Some times life can feel crazy and you feel like you are getting no where. There are seasons where finding clarity of direction can seem impossible. Two things that can help is first making a list of what needs to be done or what weighs heavily in front of you. The second is reminding yourself… Continue reading Feeling accomplished