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Taking the words from the page

It is easy to hear great thoughts and to read great books filled with helpful information but often the words are left on the page. The words sit there to never be used or applied. The power of the truths that we glance at never become apart of who we are. The intentions are there… Continue reading Taking the words from the page

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I have been on a personal journey learning about mindset. How we view life can determine our success or failure. We can have a task in front of us and what we bring forth in thought, word or action will determine the extent of grandiosity of our completion. We can easily be our greatest cheerleader… Continue reading Mindset

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Creating an atmosphere of communication with your children

I believe one key to having well adjusted children is open and honest communication. I believe that parents should be the ones to start the difficult conversations. The reason for this is once you bring a topic out into the open your child is aware that they can come to you later for more information.… Continue reading Creating an atmosphere of communication with your children

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Creating a culture of unity

Similarly, a family splintered by feuding will fall apart. - Mark 3:25 At home it is very easy to become divided within our home. Children bickering and spousal disagreements can stir up all sorts of turmoil within our four walls. Soon we can easily find ourselves despising the ones we live with. Changing this type… Continue reading Creating a culture of unity

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What do you know?

I am thankful for my journey because it has made me who I am and grown me in so many ways. My heart behind my search for 5 parents who are interested in help with their strong willed child is because I have been there. I personally know what it is like to have a… Continue reading What do you know?

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Strong Willed Child

Do you know of someone with a strong willed child? The child who is always determined to have his/her way at all costs? Do you often feel at a loss about what to do? How to ring them in? What to say? I am looking for 5 people/couples who are interested in being coached through… Continue reading Strong Willed Child

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I am not perfect

To be honest the road to this understanding about parenting has been long and even painful at times. I do not share from a place as if I have arrived and achieve perfection daily. Even yesterday I was short with my children one of them called me mean, grouchy and even told me I needed… Continue reading I am not perfect

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Compelling Vision

As with anything your motives for your actions is what truly matters. We can appear to do all the "right" things but have the wrong motive or heart behind it. This can apply to any area in your life but for today we will focus on being a parent. As a parent what should our… Continue reading Compelling Vision

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Without vision (Part 2)

Parenting has more to do with the heart of the parent. I know that sounds odd because most people talk about how to get children to behave or follow directions. You never really hear about the importance of the heart of the parent but it is true, parenting starts with the heart of the parent.… Continue reading Without vision (Part 2)

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Without vision

A defining moment in my parenting was when I believe God posed the question, how will you teach your children to rely on the Holy Spirit and live out the Gospel? The question left me with no words. I knew the Gospel but how would I teach my children to live the Gospel. Do not… Continue reading Without vision