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I have been on a personal journey learning about mindset. How we view life can determine our success or failure. We can have a task in front of us and what we bring forth in thought, word or action will determine the extent of grandiosity of our completion. We can easily be our greatest cheerleader… Continue reading Mindset

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Grace Filled Marriage

Do you fear other people's imperfections? We often expect other people to not make mistakes. This can extend to our marriage. From observation many of us are guarded especially in the one relationship that we should be naked and unashamed.  Marriage as God intended is a relationship where our walls should be down and we… Continue reading Grace Filled Marriage

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Going forward in faith

Lately I have been thinking about my marriage and how where we are now is far from where I thought we would be. My husband and I partially wrote our own vows. I did not want the traditional vows but desired something unique to our situation. Sadly I must confess that I do not remember… Continue reading Going forward in faith

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Bring a friend

A frequent statement I tell my clients is you can not do life alone. I guess you could but it will not be successful. So often I think we negate the importance of bearing the load with a friend. No matter where we are headed we need support. I think often times what stops people… Continue reading Bring a friend