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Taking the words from the page

It is easy to hear great thoughts and to read great books filled with helpful information but often the words are left on the page. The words sit there to never be used or applied. The power of the truths that we glance at never become apart of who we are. The intentions are there… Continue reading Taking the words from the page

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What do you know?

I am thankful for my journey because it has made me who I am and grown me in so many ways. My heart behind my search for 5 parents who are interested in help with their strong willed child is because I have been there. I personally know what it is like to have a… Continue reading What do you know?

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Strong Willed Child

Do you know of someone with a strong willed child? The child who is always determined to have his/her way at all costs? Do you often feel at a loss about what to do? How to ring them in? What to say? I am looking for 5 people/couples who are interested in being coached through… Continue reading Strong Willed Child

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The reason for silence

I almost feel not very life coach like in writing this post. The past couple days I have sat down to write and nothing has come. I think the Lord has received more of my words these days through my frustration. It is difficult to find words of encouragement to pour out when you are… Continue reading The reason for silence

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Take fear seriously 

The more I see and learn about the effects of fear, the more I understand why God tells us over and over again in scripture to not fear or be anxious. Fear is destructive! It can come in all sorts of forms! That is part of the problem, we often do not recognize it because… Continue reading Take fear seriously¬†

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Adding fuel

What do you do during your free time? I believe that these are the moments that really matter. The moments when there is nothing to do and we are free to do as we will, these are the moments that can add energy. The slow moments before bed or when we rise are what matters.… Continue reading Adding fuel

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How to be a friend: Who do I pick?

As we discussed previously the first step in choosing friends is to be aware of who we are. We need to understand how we come across to people and the type of person that we are. I will expound more on this and why it is important as we move forward. The next step is… Continue reading How to be a friend: Who do I pick?

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Where His steps take you

Tonight I feel something heavy on my heart, a lesson that God is teaching me in the quiet conversations. The deeper I have come in my walk with God the more I understand the stories of the Old Testament. These men who walked in faith and obedience towards promises yet to be fulfilled. Some held… Continue reading Where His steps take you

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How to be a friend: Know yourself

In counseling we have a term called self awareness. To be a good friend it is important to know who YOU are. This means being aware of your strengths, weaknesses and triggers. This is what self awareness is. We need to understand who we are and how we interact with others. For many of us… Continue reading How to be a friend: Know yourself

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I am not perfect

To be honest the road to this understanding about parenting has been long and even painful at times. I do not share from a place as if I have arrived and achieve perfection daily. Even yesterday I was short with my children one of them called me mean, grouchy and even told me I needed… Continue reading I am not perfect