Couples Counseling

Making the choice to seek out a counselor for your relationship can be hard. Often one person has come willingly and the other in dread. There is also the struggle about which counselor to pick. I love changing people’s perspective about couple’s counseling! If you allow it, the process can be life changing. What sets me apart is my main focus and expertise is Couple’s Counseling. I spend most of my private practice working with couples. This is where most of my training is in. Through counseling I look to build a relationship with each person. My goal is to strengthen the relationship not nitpick the problems. Often times when things are a struggle couples lose sight of the strengths that their relationship does have. I am very solution focused, positive and look to build a plan to quickly grow the areas that need growth. I work with clients to quickly assess their relationship which helps to identify key areas of strength and those that need growth. I am also very honest with my clients about where their relationship is currently. I will identify any unhealthy patterns. Being married with children, as well, I also know the reality of doing life with another person. Not every day is perfect and there are real moments of conflict. Most people do not realize that conflict is not bad, but how you handle conflict, in the moment, and how well you recover, is what’s important.


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