Counseling for Singles

Being single can be exciting and difficult. It is a time of learning about who you are. Freedom to go about life as you please without answering to anyone. It is also a time of seeking out a future mate. Many people ask and wonder what they should be looking for in a potential partner. Often times date after date there appears to be no potential promising prospects or relationships appear to stall, going no where. It is easy to wonder where the problem might be is it you or them.

Counseling is a great opportunity to grow in your confidence, explore where your dating standards should be, and grow you.  As a marriage counselor I have a unique heart for singles. I love working with single people who are preparing to live a full life. Those that desire to be comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Most single people would not consider using a counselor as they struggle through the world of dating. I look at it as a great opportunity to prepare people for a great future. Often times what holds us up are our own areas that we need to grow in.

I know that a great relationship requires first and foremost two people who know themselves well, are great communicators and can recover from conflict.

Through the counseling process we explore and look at areas of your life that could become potential struggles in the future. We look at previous relationships with people and any unhealthy tendencies that you might have. Then we explore what you should look for in a future partner. We also cover what qualities are important for a healthy relationship.



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