The real war in marriage

I am extremely passionate about spiritual warfare. I believe it is one aspect that sets the Christian perspective of counseling and psychology apart. I was reading this morning about the betrayal of Christ by Judas Iscariot. It's not something I have honestly taken the time to study or focus on. I could recount the story… Continue reading The real war in marriage


The lonely disconnected life in a room full of people

I think that one of the greatest struggles can be a deep feeling of loneliness but be surrounded by people. It almost creates a sense of crazy inside you. You sit by people but have zero connection. It almost makes the ache of loneliness even larger. How can I be near people but feel alone… Continue reading The lonely disconnected life in a room full of people

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Taking the words from the page

It is easy to hear great thoughts and to read great books filled with helpful information but often the words are left on the page. The words sit there to never be used or applied. The power of the truths that we glance at never become apart of who we are. The intentions are there… Continue reading Taking the words from the page