The real war in marriage

I am extremely passionate about spiritual warfare. I believe it is one aspect that sets the Christian perspective of counseling and psychology apart. I was reading this morning about the betrayal of Christ by Judas Iscariot. It’s not something I have honestly taken the time to study or focus on. I could recount the story for you, leading up to the death and resurrection of Christ. Focusing on their relationship and analyzing how it fell apart was new for me. Today I found a nugget of importance and God quickly pointed out a connection to many areas of life. I never pondered at what point did Judas’ heart begin to turn from Jesus. We never notice that this disconnection was purposefully placed by the enemy. It started with one moment of disagreement many verses back. Judas did not agree with a decision made by Christ. At that moment the relationship began to shift. There is no mention of restoration or apologizing. 

The same can happen in any relationship. 

That fast.

One moment of disagreement and no resolve.

I thought back to my own marriage. Seeing times that so easily the enemy thrusted seeds of division between my husband and I. If I allowed it the divide could become great. This is where fighting for the relationship is important. Anything can become a point of division that continues to grow. Soon bitterness and unforgiveness fill that void. We quickly find ourselves at a distance with the one we vowed to walk this life with. This obviously does not mean we excuse unhealthy behavior that needs to be changed. Unhealthy behavior in a marriage can cause a divide all on it’s own. What this all means is that we guard our commitment to each other. We cover the divide until there is resolution. We live in awareness that there is an enemy that will thrust some intentional seeds in our relationship with the mere purpose to cause destruction. Satan and his army want to tear down and devour. I encourage you to guard your hearts and minds against these seeds of division. Seek resolution over the perpetual disagreements. Hear each other. Guard your relationship.