The lonely disconnected life in a room full of people

I think that one of the greatest struggles can be a deep feeling of loneliness but be surrounded by people. It almost creates a sense of crazy inside you. You sit by people but have zero connection. It almost makes the ache of loneliness even larger. How can I be near people but feel alone and unseen?
The reality is that many sit with some sort of external facade that guards who we are. Even times we do not know ourselves, our disconnection has gone so far that we have no connection even with ourselves. A reality that many walk around with. Perpetual motion through the motions of life. Over time it can create an inner numbness. 
We crave and desire to be seen and to be known. The fear, often times reality of rejection, grips our lips with silence. We are concerned that the real person will be rejected. The facade continues.
To be known begins by conversation with another. A real person who has thrown their mask away without fear of being seen, fully with their scars and tears. 
My heart aches that more would put the facade away. That places would be filled with realness, love and empathy. Many people desperately need the healing that can only be found in community. May you begin the community right where you stand. We quickly find the words “me too” as healing to our souls. The loneliness fades through time and the embrace of others breaths life.
So for today…


Throw out the mask.
You are important.

You are seen.

You are loved.
Be community.