God cares about life.

I think there is something so powerful about Jesus that we overlook. Jesus was God in the flesh. He did not walk around casting people down or listing everyone’s sin. He spoke about life, freedom and love. 

Our perspective about who God is to us, will impact every aspect of our life. We often miss that the reason why God appears so frustrated in the Old Testament is the war on love. Sin is the virus that is bringing forth destruction to beauty and perfection. If you created a piece of art with detail and beauty then someone came along and poured black paint over it… you might be crushed as your work of art is now destroyed. 

God desires for us to experience the fullness of what He created and what we were created to be. His heart is grieved when we choose to sit in the yuck of life and settle there. He cared so much about love and life that He gave of Himself.

In counseling I daily get the opportunity to help people through the struggle. To help, as God mends the broken pieces of their lives. To come alongside as people wrestle through and try to figure this life out. Counseling is another avenue in which God can use to bring us closer to him. A journey of discovery about who we are and who He is. I get to watch it unfold. We were created by God and for God. God cares about of life, freedom and love. God cares about YOU!