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There is something about new. New clothes, new car, new job, new house or a new year. New brings with it a sense of excitement for some or anxiety for others. Often times it has to do with perspective or how we receive the blessings of this life.

This year brings a sense of hope and joy in my heart. Every day does, but the start of this year feels different. It could be that we are coming out of a long season of struggle and strife. Those hard seasons are necessary, they bring with them character and growth. When you look in scripture the growing seasons were the time of preparation for what God had for a person. Abraham’s faith grew as he learned to trust in God through famine, following God to a land of promise and possible sacrifice of his son. Joseph went through being sold into slavery, wrongfully accused and imprisoned. David was a shepherd, stood up to Goliath and was chased by Saul. Each had there time of, God and life circumstances, preparing and building their character. The journey was needed. The struggle was necessary. The final placement was God ordained. 

As we stand at the beginning of a new year I do not know where you are in your journey or what God has in store for you. One thing I do know is that today starts day one of new. A new chapter, a new year, a new day. God holds your days and He holds you. May you be filled with His peace and joy no matter where you stand. May you seek God’s voice in all circumstances. Growing every day closer to Him! As God told Abraham, He is the great reward!