Looking back and forward

2016 is quickly coming to a close. As a year ends it can be a time of reflection. It truly is amazing to see how life can change in one year. Different events that cause a shift in our life, some are planned and some are unplanned. I love to look back and consider where I was a year ago. Did I reach any of the goals I set out for myself? Have I grown spiritually? Where were the triumphs this past year? Where were the struggles? These moments allow for an opportunity of growth and celebration. A time of gleaning from the lessons the past year has brought and celebrating God’s faithfulness in all things. 

Next is the opportunity to set goals for 2017. I love dreaming about the future and anticipating what adventures might be around the corner. I look at the next year as a blank slate, each day waiting to be written. I will enter 2017 with the lessons learned from yesterday and the opportunity to grow in new ways. I challenge myself daily to push past previous limitations and grab hold of the dreams in my heart. I truly believe we are placed here with a divine purpose. God has orchestrated our days. We have an amazing opportunity to be a small part of the work He is doing. 

I encourage you to reflect on this past year and to set goals for this new year. Journal your thoughts. Share them with a friend. May you go forth with excitement with all that God has planned for YOU!