Thankfully consumed

I think this post will be more for my benefit than those who read it. This is for those who find themselves overwhelmed with the journey of parenting, marriage and life. It is rather funny to be the counselor and to know all the methods, but to have moments where you have to point the hand in your own direction. It is so easy to get lost in the everyday pulls and tugs of life. To have the real moments where the list in front of you seems so great. The pile of laundry and dishes never cease and no one could even tell that you swept the floor three times today. The many voices in the house seem to grate on your nerves and you long for bed time. That is the place where I stood tonight. At the end of the day I too am a wife and mother in a house with 6 other people. It is so easy to get consumed with the reality of where things stand. I had to stop myself tonight and remind my heart to be thankful. Pause and savor the young voices that debate ideas, the tender touch of small hands and the delicious scent of dinner. There is much to be thankful for but life has a way of pulling us into a hole as we look around. There is often those seasons where what is in front of us feels like a mountain and we have no idea how to climb it. I paused, took a brief moment reminded my own soul of God’s faithfulness, began to list my blessings and prayed for grace. For today, I stand thankfully consumed with the season that I am in and relying on God’s grace to do it well. I am so encouraged that I do not journey these seasons alone but God walks with me. I can call out and rest in His presence. With Him comes peace as I listen and quiet my soul before Him. His grace covers my mistakes and the crumbs under the couch. Tonight I can sleep well knowing who holds it all and that person is not I.