Inviting Holy Spirit

With every person that I have the true honor and joy to work with I know one secret, Holy Spirit. I spend dedicated time through out the week praying for my clients. Knowing the reality that it is God that moves hearts and changes minds, it is the revealing of who He is that changes who we are. Until we see Him face to face in our lives and in our moments through out the day, we will remain who we are. I always say that if we could achieve perfection then why did Jesus come. In reality, counseling in a Christian setting, is one way of partnering with the work that God desires to do in your life. Our willingness towards that growth determines our outcome. We can move past where we are on to greater things that God has determined for our lives or we can remain where we are standing. That is why I pray for my clients. I am a small part of the eternal work that God desires to do in their lives. Cultivate the soil in your heart to welcome in an eternal growth that will impact your life.