God Cares About Your Healing

Walking side by side with Jesus it would be easy to see and understand God’s desire for our healing. The reality is we do not have the opportunity to walk pass Jesus on the street or sit on the hill while He teaches. We do not get to reach out and touch His hand or hug Him as He passes by.

Without this daily reality we can become detached from the understanding that God desires the same healing for us today. As a counselor I am truly amazed at how much God desires our emotional healing.

I get to see the intricacies of how God reveals Himself and the specific tools needed for us to be free. He cares about the details of our lives and is far more aware of our pain than we are.

I previously blogged about Holy Spirit and His involvement in the counseling process. If people saw how much God brings forth His love through words spoken and details revealed they would be blown away.

I see that God desires our freedom and healing more than we do. He is fully aware of the fullness that we can partake in and He wants us to partake. Yes, the road towards the needed freedom might be hard and the struggle to arrive might be painful, but worth it.

It truly is exciting and encouraging to watch the way God moves in people’s lives. Of course I do not hold all the answers but the One who does is acquainted with your sorrows and came to set you free!

He cares so much about your wellbeing! Be encouraged!