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Taking the words from the page

It is easy to hear great thoughts and to read great books filled with helpful information but often the words are left on the page. The words sit there to never be used or applied. The power of the truths that we glance at never become apart of who we are. The intentions are there and even the desire but why do the words never go anywhere? We can find ourselves stuck.

The life change happens when we actually take the words with us.

I have learned and studies have proven that the sooner you take what you have learned and apply it the more likely you are to develop the new habit. Take for example, tonight I heard a great podcast about how our attitude towards conflict and the need to be right, can get in the way of receiving blessings in our life. The words that I listened to were powerful and needed. While listening I made a purposeful decision that I needed the words, they brought a truth that was needed for the season that I am in and soon after I had the opportunity to apply them. 

The first aspect towards this change was being humble and admitting that something needed to be changed in me. 

I was beginning to feel defeated in certain areas of my life. It would be easier to hide from the need but power comes through expressing the need for change. We often fear raising our hand and saying, “Me, I need help.” We even deem it as weakness or wrong but the opposite is true. 

Strong people realize when they can not figure out everything on their own, nor do they hold all the answers. Strong people take the steps to get help and pursue growth.
I encourage you to be open to the moving of the Holy Spirit in your life. Be willing to grow. Take the words off the page and allow the transformation to take place. Apply today what God is working in you.