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I always strive to grow and be challenged. I never want to be one that just settles for mediocre. Even in the mundane things of life I strive to be great. Not perfect. But great. There was a time where the mundane wore me out. When you are a mom at home with three little ones, being drained from the mundane can quickly happen. At that point I began to pray that I would find delight in all of my daily tasks. I wanted to clean, shop, wipe noses and cook with joy and reckless abandon. I think one thing that changed was when I fully embraced that I was created to work and create. Take a moment and let that sink in. 

You were created to work and create. 

I had the opportunity to create the atmosphere of my home and God intended for me to find joy in my daily work. 

With this challenge in front of me I had to find a way to enjoy the toilet cleaning, dish washing and referee moments. 

Let that sink in. 

Did I mention that I am a huge people person?

The struggle was real.

Delight in the mundane… in the house with people two feet tall. Stink.

So I had to still be me to survive. Everyday.

I can not give you the quick ten easy steps to enjoy diaper changing and toilet cleaning… if it were only that easy. Ha!

We often have tasks in life that we have to take on daily but dislike greatly. I no longer wanted to have a dreaded attitude. So, I first prayed that God would give me a love for toilet cleaning. The second step was finding a way to accomplish the task in the easiest and fastest way. I found cleaners that worked great and a routine that worked for me. I spent time figuring out why I disliked the specific task and if there was something I could adjust to make it better. I also put in my EarPods and filled my mind with a podcast or music. The time began to fly by and the mundane was complete. 

Recently the Lord showed me that it was me being faithful in the mundane that has prepared me for today. I never fully realized until recently how impactful the early years were. In a small way I equate it to the life of David. David honored God in all that he did, even the small things. He found his victory in the Lord in the small battles that soon prepared him for the larger battles later. 

Whatever task you might have in front of you, I encourage you to seek God to give you a love for the small things. To find delight and joy in the mundane tasks. Your faithfulness matters and does not go unseen. 

The small battles prepare you to be YOU in the big things! You were created with a purpose! These days matter when no one is watching. Plant the seeds today so that tomorrow you can reap a harvest of greatness!