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Assumption (a communication killer)


A perfect way to kill communication and stir up strife in a relationship.

I have seen countless times people “assume” what the other person is thinking or doing based off their actions. When in reality we are perceiving things through our lens of life. 

The best way to know what a person is thinking is to ask.

Small but profound.

Healthy communication happens when two people speak assertively, openly and truly listen with the intent to understand the other person.

Many instances of conflict could be prevented if we strive towards understanding. Seeing the world through another person’s eyes and not just our own. Empathizing with what they are going through without passing judgement but with validation. 

What a person experiences in their world is real. The sensations, emotions and thoughts are real. They need validation. We can not assume what is or is not there. We can meet them right where they are at. In most cases we are on the same team headed in the same direction striving towards the same goal, to be known and to be loved.

I encourage you to take the time to hear someone’s story today. The grouchy check out clerk has a story. The homeless person on the side of the street has a story. Your spouse has a story. Take a moment to listen.

Be there with them in the moment and see them for who they are. Do not assume based off your reality that you know all. Be love, kindness and a listening ear.