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Great Marriage = Humility

I used to think that the key to a great marriage is God. Do not get me wrong I still believe that. We can easily go to church, say our evening prayers and have a failing marriage. The key to a great marriage is humility. 

Humility sees oneself as we truly are. Humility looks at our areas that need growth and owns them with no excuse. We can often get deceived into believing we have God, but we still rule our lives. 

Humility seeks to raise others up instead of guarding our stance. Humility desires truth. Humility seeks God to be eminent in all areas. Humility says you first. Humility wants others to win. Humility does not excuse sin.

Humility knows that we are valued and there is no need to push our value. Humility knows the need for Jesus. Humility desires God’s goodness for others. Humility loves others in their brokenness because we know that we are broken. Humility removes the walls and allows grace to flow.

Humility seeks to grow and be changed. Humility wants to see others free. Humility allows the heart to be searched and revealed. Humility knows that I am loved. Humility is content in all things because it knows that God reigns. 

I honestly believe half the battle is won when we say “God search my heart… Reveal to me who You are and who I am”.

In humility powerful work is done!