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I feel that there is so much to say but to find the words this evening is hard. There are moments where I wish I could look each person in the eye, reach to their soul and let them know they are loved. Truly loved. Loved in their mess. Loved in their brokenness. Just loved. 

We can create such mess for ourselves when we forget or do not believe we are fully loved. 

There is a God who created each one of us and He is crazy in love with us. He is not fearful, nor does He turn away from our mess. 

He knows our sin, our bondage, our yuck and is thoroughly aware of our humanity, none of that ceases His love for us.

We often allow the broken pieces of humanity to harden our hearts. The shards of pain to build walls that bring protection, so we think, but inside we are still wounded. Many have become so numb to their own pain that they no longer know they need help. 

The numbness has become so great that we no longer connect with another person. We get caught in the cycle of existence but never living. To be alive means to feel grief and joy. We fear both. Any type of feeling brings forth the reminder of brokenness. So we would rather not be alive than to feel. Yet we still walk around in our bodies with our smiles but inside nothing registers.

The cycle continues. This is our legacy. We breathed. We existed. We left. Just typing those brings on a panic. At least for me.

A turning point in my life was when I realized that Jesus came to give life in abundance. That abundance starts now. Not later. This reality of abundance came years after being “saved”. 

There was a point where I honestly did not understand what that could have meant. I thought the world was broken. How could I experience “abundance”?

I had so much yuck. Pain. Humanity. I thought maybe in heaven. Heaven has abundance.

The other reality is it is not some quick fix, take a pill, five steps and all is right. For some the process takes time, tears, pain and realness. In reality those words alone cause many to walk away. They give up before completion. They back out at the first tear. They truly see themselves in the mirror and flee. 

To those who want to run I encourage you to stay. The process may be difficult but it is worth it. There is joy and life on the other side. Fullness awaits. Completeness. Freedom. 

As a runner pushes during the last part of the race we must towards the abundance. Push through the difficult moments.

Embrace the healing. Be open to the process. We are human too just like you. There is hope. There is love. There is abundance.