There are brief moments in life that I see how Jesus’ heart must have broke as He looked at His creation. Walking amongst the brokenness. Knowing the fullness of perfection and love that each cell and person was created in but to look at the shards of something now shattered. The separation felt between God and man. We were created to be in intimate union with our Creator. In that moment, in the garden, what died was our intimacy with God. There was no longer days of walking in the garden feasting and conversing with the one who made us, now there was separation… a divide. Oh how God’s heart must have grieved in that moment. Then thousands of years later to then walk again among His creation, now in the flesh. To be able to touch man’s face and to hug him as he, man, wept over his own frailty. Jesus reaching out to provide healing and to bring wholeness. God desiring so much to restore the union, the wholeness, would die on our behalf. In that final moment on the cross the steps towards restoration began. It was now possible for man to be in communion with God. To feel His presence again began at Pentecost. That was the moment that God indwelled man again. That was the moment that power began pulsating through the cells of man. Even though I look out at the brokenness of life and especially lately my heart has been broken by it’s reality there is a hope that stirs. A hope that my God dwells with me. This life in front of me is not the finality of it all. There is more. There is a fullness now found in His presence. There is a knowing that He has something far greater and walking again with my God continues today and everyday for eternity. Something so sweet about the communion. This provides hope, joy and peace to continue as I gaze at the broken shards around me. My Savior walked this earth with the purpose to restore what was lost and the Spirit now dwells to help me along the way. 

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