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I have been on a personal journey learning about mindset. How we view life can determine our success or failure. We can have a task in front of us and what we bring forth in thought, word or action will determine the extent of grandiosity of our completion. We can easily be our greatest cheerleader or foe. Many of us know this but do not live it’s reality. That is why I love spending time with positive high energy people. I find their energy contagious. I feel determined, motivated and encouraged by their mere presence. They push me to believe that I can move towards my goals. When facing new goals and challenges we have no problem seeing the struggle and wanting to dive into our own mediocrity. Life is not truly lived in mediocrity but in looking at the vastness of God and living the gifts and talents that God has bestowed upon our lives. For example, God has given me my next personal goal. To be honest what is next frightens me at times and I honestly find myself wanting to hide and to settle. In prayer this evening, I sensed God was calling me out about it. He pointed His great piercing finger at the thoughts I had been cultivating around the first step. My current mindset would not have left my arms open to receive a yes and an open door. My current mindset was no where near ready with expectancy for success in this new step. God showed me how I really needed to change my attitude and readiness for yes! It created a huge change in my mood just merely picturing the success and being ready in my mind for fruit to come forth as I took the steps forward in obedience. Mindset is life altering and powerful! I do not negate the struggles that will arise but I can not move forward if I do not believe I can make it to my destination. See, sometimes coaches coach themselves to take the first step!