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Why you should pray

If you read this blog long enough you will see my own personal story will seep through the words. God often uses your own personal journey to minister to the hearts of those in front of you. I often hear about those who struggle to pray consistently. I know there was a time when I used to struggle with the same thing. I am beginning to see that for most people it is there why that holds them back. Why are they praying? What drives them to pray? Do they pray out of fear? Do they pray for their own comfort and pleasure? Do they pray to know the one who created them? One huge defining moment in my life came during my time of studying the life of Abraham. God spoke to Abraham that He was the great reward. I remember seeing those words and hearing them. God is the great reward. What does that mean? I am unsure if I asked the Lord directly or He knew the question lingering in my heart… either way He is all knowing. I began to see Him in a whole new way. My prayers were no longer about my comfort or my life. No small prayers about my problems. If God was the great reward I wanted to know more. I wanted to know what those words meant. Why would God say that? Through that struggle I began to see God face to face in my life. My life changed. It was about Him. He did not care about how perfect I was or every sin I committed. He was not angry with me nor distant. This whole time I was looking for the wrong thing in my prayers. I was missing the reward and that was Him. It was the intimate relationship of knowing Him closer than any friend. It was the sweetness of His presence on the place that I stood. It was the song that He sung over me. It was being infatuated with Him. My prayers shifted when that reality hit me. I found the nearness of the closest friend I longed for and with that the conversation never stopped. Always seeking to have more and to be nearer. The second the conversation would end the emptiness returned. When God comes He fills every empty space with love and life. I understand why Paul encouraged us to pray without ceasing. Sweet joy and peace is found in conversation with our God. How could I ever want it to end? I encourage you to ask yourself, why do you pray?