When you don’t get to choose your pain…

Some times one of the most difficult places to be is when your life is flooded with pain from another person’s sin. Those moments when the reality of sin is thrust upon you and you do not get to choose the tears. The decision of another impacts your life in a negative way. You want to be okay but sin brings forth death and when the sin of others effects your life you do not get the option of being okay. The impact of sin is felt on a spiritual level. This is often the place where many people walk through my doors. They carry with them the shattered pieces of their heart gripped by the ache that we live in a fallen world. It truly is a humbling experience to enter into those moments with another individual. I write today to encourage those who are struggling with the sin of this life. You who are affected by the sin of another. The sin of the person who is bound in addiction, adultery, broken promises, dishonesty, unkept vows or the list continues. You might even consider yourself a strong person but the weight even feels too much. You might even be shocked by the pain that you are feeling even unsure of where to place it. May I encourage you to share the burden with another and do not walk alone. Share your struggle with the Lord and fill your life with a loving community of people who care. There is a certain comfort and peace that we can find in the arms of Jesus. He has the ability to speak life into the pain that we feel. His words and promise bring hope and joy. He felt the weight of all sin upon His shoulders and He knows the pain that you are experiencing. Be encouraged, He came to give you life!

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