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Think Big

If you follow this blog you will frequently find me writing about a person’s thought life. It is one area that I am extremely passionate about. Change the way a person thinks and you can change their whole life. I know for myself there was a time where I could only see life as small and depressing. I was bound by my own thoughts. I thought those that succeeded in life just had better DNA. Thankfully I did not give up but continued to pursue our amazing God. 

I have always loved the stories and movies about those that have overcome the obstacles in their life. My eyes always fill with tears by the end of the movie. Those that beat the odds of what they have been given are inspiring. These stories have always given me encouragement along the way. Each story has inspired me to think big, to think beyond what small dark space that might be in front of me.

As a counselor and life coach I often witness those that stay trapped by their thoughts. Consumed by their own depression or anxiety about life. No inspiring stories of overcoming but within these thoughts their prison lies. It is one of the most difficult things to witness, a person that can not see life outside the box that they have placed their life in. One of my favorite verses is John 10:10 (NIV) “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” “Life” and “full” are opposite to “steal”, “kill” and “destroy”. Jesus came that I may have life now, not later. Our thought life can create absolute disorder in our brains. Each thought can destroy life within our cells one by one. Our very thought life changes the physiological make up of our being. When I learned about the effects of our thought life on our brain and our whole body I wondered why more people were not talking about it.This stuff is life altering and amazing!! Our thought life, a mind with Christ at the center of every thought can bring life to our cells and alter our brains too. 

Is your thought life bringing forth death or life? Do you struggle with where you place your thoughts? Do you need freedom from the prison of your mind? 

Often people don’t know where to start when changing their thought life. I always say it starts one thought at a time. Choose one thought and bring life to it. Make it a habit to only allow life into your mind one thought at a time. I encourage you to focus on changing one thought for the next 30 days.