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The problem with fig leaves

Do you ever feel over taken by your own mistakes, sin and frailty? Today was a learning experience for one of mine. He sat there head buried in silence. I asked what was wrong. To preface we had gone through a day of facing a hidden issue that he had been carrying. It honestly took a lot of grace for me to speak with love and patience to his tender heart when I found out. Tonight, he looked up with a saddened face, “I feel shame.” My heart broke. He said he was sorry.

I told him he needed to apologize to himself because he forgot his worth.

I reminded him that he was amazing because God created Him and he had been settling for less.

He had forgotten His worth in God’s eyes.

He had attempted to cover up his frailty by “fig leaves” and found the discomfort of those leaves. He did not need to carry that shame and I reminded him that we all fall short but we are loved intensely by the Lord. I know his tender heart needed that reminder tonight. I feel someone else needs it to. Do not forget God loves you intensely! You are amazing because you are His! Embrace and soak in His love for you! He loves you enough to not let you stay hidden, bound in your sin and shame! Blessings dear one YOU ARE OF GREAT VALUE!!!