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Grace Filled Marriage

Do you fear other people’s imperfections? We often expect other people to not make mistakes. This can extend to our marriage. From observation many of us are guarded especially in the one relationship that we should be naked and unashamed.

 Marriage as God intended is a relationship where our walls should be down and we should be able to reveal who we are. 

Couple’s struggle to figure out why they are not connecting or why there appears to be a drift between them and their spouse. Usually my first question is how often do you talk and what do you talk about when you do talk. I get different answers and for the most part if they are sitting in front of me the breakdown in the relationship begins here, there is “no talk”, no connecting or discussing. For intimacy to be created two things are important, one is that you cultivate a life where the grace is there for someone to feel comfortable to let down their walls and second, there is the humility to let down your own walls. We need to be people who others feel comfortable in sharing who they are, that they will feel accepted faults and all. We also need to be willing to share who we are faults and all. It is in this place that intimacy can begin. 

This is where true connection develops as we allow ourselves to be truly known and allow others to be known. 

If these are areas of struggle, being real and vulnerable with others, pray and ask the Lord to begin to show you why. Ask for healing or seek out help from someone who can help you walk through this. To be truly known and loved is one of the most freeing places to be. Blessings as you go forth!