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Breaking the Silence

We, meaning my family, have been walking through a loooooong season of change and transition. In order to give my current clients my full attention I have had to sadly cut back on my blog time. I am working on getting back into blogging during my weekly routine. Tonight is the first moment of breaking the blog silence. I am excited to sit down again and to begin to share my thoughts. When you return to a familiar place you are often reminded of how life used to be and it allows you the opportunity to see how much life has changed and you have grown. Sitting down at my computer has brought that reality to my view. The last time I blogged so much was still unknown and many questions were left to be answered. It is exciting to look back over the past couple months and realize that many questions have been answered. We often stand in the hallways of life unaware of what door might open next or what adventure that might be around the corner. The hallway is often the most difficult place to be. You know that a door is going to open but you are unsure of which one. Proceeding down the hallway you knock on each door but receive no answer and even for a moment a door might open but then closes quickly in your face. These are the moments that build character and stretch your faith. They are also the moments that often create weariness while waiting for a place to rest. In the hallways of life the chairs are not always comfortable and you are unsure about how to rest, you know that you will not stay where you are for long. People pass by and kindly say “Have patience!” but you seriously want to scream, “I am trying!”. The weariness of the hallway begins to creep into your bones and the ache sets in. Only those who have spent much time in the hallway of life can understand how difficult these moments are, they are the people who bring the greatest comfort. Hallway travelers know the ache and the weariness. They know the frustration and being consumed at times with unanswered questions that need to be answered. Experienced hallway travelers have an amazing way of sharing the stories of encouragement that you need to hear. They do not tell you to be patient but instead take your hand and say “I know”. They get the struggle that grips you and none of it has to do with a lack of faith but just a desire for rest… for a moment. So from one hallway traveler to another, take courage. It is okay to have the moments of complete frustration and it is okay to shed some tears. Neither one means you have given up they only mean that you are tired. The doors will open in time and there is no guarantee that they will be tomorrow, but when they do it will be AMAZING! Be blessed.

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