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Self Help and Jesus?

For many the thought of using a life coach or a counselor provides some type internal struggle. The question is often asked, what about Jesus? We wonder where Jesus fits in and does positive psychology or any psychology and Jesus fit together? These are all valid questions and good questions. I used to feel the same way. Psychology is the study of man and his behavior, growth and trying to find some kind of resolve with the issues that are seen. Jesus is God in flesh and came to restore us back to God and to set us free! The two together is a whole picture! I can not truly help the whole of an individual in any session apart from the work of Christ in them. He is step one through a hundred! Also I know the reality that many of the behaviors a person exemplifies has a root cause and I understand much of the process needed in changing a person’s perspective. It has nothing to do with my own perfection but more of a passion for helping people through life’s struggles! Most clients do not even realize that some of their struggles or very thoughts at one point were my own. I can often relate! My life as a counselor and a life coach is spent studying human struggle, behavior, marriage, relationship dynamics, prayer and seeking God. Helping people makes me come alive and I could listen to person after person in a day and it fills me. It is what I was created to do! The more I learn through my growth and study the more I see the Gospel. I often want to grab people’s hands as if a kid in an amusement park and show them all the amazing ways in which God created us! My journey of studying and understanding psychology and scripture has only grown my faith and has transformed how I look at life. I hope that you might consider, with much prayer of course, to allow me to walk with you through your journey! At the beginning of the year I will be running some coaching specials so stay tuned! If you know of anyone needing a life coach send them to my website or Facebook page. Many blessings to you and Merry Christmas!!!