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Envisioning wholeness

I can never emphasis enough that the battle of life begins in our minds and hearts. We often speak such yuck over our life and it honestly keeps us stuck. There is a therapy exercise that is often used it is called the miracle question, if you were to wake up tomorrow how would you know things were different? Then the individual begins to list what they would notice is different. The counselor proceeds to tell the client to live as if the miracle has taken place. Their life begins to change if they believe in the change. To be honest, from a counseling perspective, much of what holds us back is we continue our own crazy cycle. What throws the world off is when we change roles. Our whole world begins to change when we choose to live our own miracle. I know for some it sounds easier said than done. I encourage you to envision the change that you desire to see and stop speaking the yuck over your life. When we change our role life truly begins to change because we stop believing the lie that things will always be “this way” and start believing the truth that each day is a new beginning, with new mercies and we are a new creation! Blessings and go be a miracle!