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And then the path takes a turn

I was sitting here contemplating the gospel reality and how life can take unknown turns. I know that much of what I have been writing about is this topic but it is a reality that I am currently living. I know that the Lord calls us to plan and there is great wisdom in doing so. So much of my plan and heart’s desire has been to live Jesus through my life. But in choosing that, there is a certain bit of letting go of any plan along the way. It feels so strange that God calls us to be wise and prepare but at any moment He can mix everything up, spin it around, flip it upside down and say go there. Even in the process answer every prayer of our heart in the most unexpected package. It honestly leaves me speechless in how God does that. I had a moment today where I thought what if I said, no. What if when the phone rang with the moment for my whole life to change I said, no. What if when the door opened to fly to the other part of the country I said, no. Where would life be if I did not make the commitment to follow where my Lord leads? 

Our journey and responses shapes us into the person we are today. We have moments everyday where steps of faith our offered. We have the choice to take God’s hand and to embark on the adventure that he offers. Often that journey takes us to lands and to people we never could have anticipated in our plan. 

I see so much how the plan placed in my heart has not changed, nor has the passion, but instead it is daily being refined. God is shaping each moment. Revealing aspects of the gospel and who He is through every moment, every step. The real adventure and joy is knowing Him.