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Pursuing your passion and then life happens

I have been living the title of this blog. We can easily plan out our next steps in life and then find ourselves greatly interrupted. Planning is great and life interruptions can be great sometimes too but discouragement can set in at the same time. When there are great changes that take place in our lives we often have to readjust our course to compensate. The new events alter where we are headed. I have observed that this is the point where many people give up on where they are headed. Life circumstances make them permanently sit down and they watch life pass them by. Trying to rekindle a passion in our heart can be difficult when the tidal wave of change comes. These are the moments that we need encouragement to keep moving forward. If this is you. If you feel discouraged or distraught about what to do next let me provide you with a few steps to get back on your feet.

1. Pray. Whenever life happens I always ask the Lord how does this alter where I am going? What is there for me to learn and grow in?

2. Write down your passion, your goal, your destination and any changes that might have changed where you are headed. Writing is very beneficial in processing what is in our head.

3. Accountability. Find those that you can share your dream with and will hold you accountable to keep moving forward. These are people who believe in your gift and in YOU! If you have no one then go find someone!

4. Action steps. What steps can you start taking today towards your goal? What can you do next week? Make a new plan with all the changes that life might have brought.

5. GO! Get up and keep moving forward!!! Quitting brings failure. As long as you get up again and take more steps forward you are going somewhere!

2 thoughts on “Pursuing your passion and then life happens”

  1. I am thankful for you picking me up and scooting me along on the path God has set for me. I am thankful you are continuing to write in the midst of the changes. I love how we think the changes are not for our good but the reality is God will always use these “changes” to bring about the very purpose He has for us! He is so good like that. 🙂


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