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The reason for silence

I almost feel not very life coach like in writing this post. The past couple days I have sat down to write and nothing has come. I think the Lord has received more of my words these days through my frustration. It is difficult to find words of encouragement to pour out when you are unsure of where you are going and why God is calling you. I desire nothing more than to please God with my life but the path in front of me feels so foreign. I have had to say no to great opportunities that excite my heart to say yes to where God is directing. I would be lying if I did not say that it is hard. Obedience often does not make sense. Obedience can even call you in directions that you do not feel an ounce of desire to walk down. The heart of Christian coaching is to come alongside those and help them reach what God has created them for. To be honest right now I am not sure how okay I am with the direction I am called to. Do not fear nothing is wrong. It is just that the road in front of me was far from any life map I have looked at recently. I know all the verses and could encourage myself with the perfect theology but as I was telling a friend “it does not make the pain of the process any less”. I know this moment of struggle will pass and walking through it will only work a far greater good in me and through me but today I need His grace. I hope my honesty can encourage some of you who stand on unsure and far from planned horizons. May you be encouraged that it is okay to ask the Lord questions and to come reason with Him. He is not surprised by your struggle or your frustration. It is during those moments that we know in greater depth who our great God is. Blessings!

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