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Take fear seriously 

The more I see and learn about the effects of fear, the more I understand why God tells us over and over again in scripture to not fear or be anxious. Fear is destructive! It can come in all sorts of forms! That is part of the problem, we often do not recognize it because it will pop up in a new way. Fear can leave us trapped, hinder where we are headed and choke the life out of where we stand. Fear comes across as a roaring lion often leaving us stuck in the corner but in reality it is a small mouse casting a large shadow. We are convinced that we can not take one step for concern that we might be eaten or will not live. Even typing this I feel the grips of it’s hands and push to stay balled up to protect myself. The reality is there is no harm that can be done. When we begin to see that it is only a mouse casting a large shadow and recognize it for what it really is we are free to go! I can already hear the comments from you, what about… (Fill in the blank) it is scary and can harm me? There is a difference between being wise and being driven by fear. Would it be wise to walk into a swarm of bees? No. Do I need to fear the swarm? No. One thought process can leave me panicked and overreact. The other thought process reminds me that I still have the power to make wise decisions. It is better to be driven by wisdom than by fear. I hope you see the difference. Another example would be with our children. We begin to fear all the unknowns about them. What if this happens or what if that happens! Oh no! The other option is to be driven by love and wisdom. Training and teaching our children as you would someone for battle. You can not anticipate every obstacle or spiritual fight they might encounter but you can train them to be a spiritual ninja. When they know that they have the skills and the power of the one who dwells in them then they are ready. See the difference. I also encourage you to be aware of your physical symptoms they can often give light to what is driving you. If you always feel tense then you are more than likely being driven by stress and fear. This can be a huge trap. Often assess how you feel through out the day. What emotions do you feel, how relaxed are your shoulders and are you on edge? Then ask yourself, what is causing this? How can I change my perspective about my current situation? These questions can alter your mindset and your life. Blessings to you as you go forth in wisdom and love!

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