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Adding fuel

What do you do during your free time? I believe that these are the moments that really matter. The moments when there is nothing to do and we are free to do as we will, these are the moments that can add energy. The slow moments before bed or when we rise are what matters. I have read about the importance of what we put in right before going to sleep and how it impacts our sleep. I have heard about great world changers over the years and how they started their days. We often negate the importance of these moments and the impact they have on our mind.

To lead a life of greatness requires purpose and being intentional with the minutes allotted to us.

I know for myself I can see the difference in my mindset when I dedicate time to add life giving words to end my day or begin a new. The words impact my mood and perspective. When I have chosen to fill my life and time with truth it impacts the day that follows! They impact my mindset and approach to tasks and obstacles before me. Choose life giving words, music and books to fill your time they will fuel you to go farther!! Blessings! Feel free to share in the comments what you have been reading lately!