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Where His steps take you

Tonight I feel something heavy on my heart, a lesson that God is teaching me in the quiet conversations. The deeper I have come in my walk with God the more I understand the stories of the Old Testament. These men who walked in faith and obedience towards promises yet to be fulfilled. Some held faithful every step at every moment and others had their moments of wavering. Deep inside I am sure they felt the tug and call of God on their life. There in the stillness God’s voice saying step here, now step there. At moments all they could see was the next place to put their foot, maybe even a half a step at some moments. Walking through life moment by moment in faith. We see in scripture the highlights of the journey many of them took. Each life a part of the bigger picture, the Gospel. Lately I am reminded that my life is a part of the bigger picture. I know what God has placed in my heart and this journey has lead me down roads I could have never anticipated. I so often picture in my mind a part in the C.S. Lewis book The Horse and His Boy. You read about the lion that chases and guides the boy. I remember a point that was intense and dark. You read about the angst the main character goes through. He has no idea where he is going. He can not see anything around and there is no guide or so he thinks. The reality is he is being guided he just does not realize it. Obedience is similar. We want this amazing life of faith and sometimes the adventure takes us to territory that is scary and unknown. We continue to sense the call and tug on our hearts to keep walking forward. We continue in obedience but clarity does not come with each step only more unknown. God continues to guide calling us each half step and no more of the path is being opened up only more questions. When there are more questions than answers these are difficult moments to continue to trust the path that has been chosen. As a friend encouraged my heart this evening these are the times that bring forth deep character in ways that are needed for what is ahead. Can I just add that is hard to hear! I have to remember my story and life are for the Gospel, there is a greater purpose. The lesson is to hold tight and realize that just as the Lord parted the Jordan one step at a time He is doing the same in me. There is no parting of the Red Sea right now I am in a season of the Jordan. Blessings to you as you go forth my hope is that my words may encourage you to take the next step!


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