Being known

There is something truly beautiful and freeing to have people in your life who know you in all your flaws, past and present. This week I have the joy of spending the week with one of my dearest friends at a conference in Nashville. She is someone who challenges and encourages me to be a better person spiritually and in the everyday. The time we get to spend together brings life to my very bones. We live on opposite sides of the country which means these moments are rare. I have said this before but it requires constant repeating, we need strong life giving friendships in our lives. We need people who will not let us live complacent lives. People who will push us to grow and will hold us accountable. People who will offer us grace in our mistakes but will push us to not remain in unhealthy patterns. Some of us struggle to find people like this or do not live our lives this way. I am going to do a couple posts over the next couple days about what life giving friendships look like and how to be a life giving friend. I hope you are as excited as I am! Blessings to you today! I am going to get some rest from my mind filling day!