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I am not perfect

To be honest the road to this understanding about parenting has been long and even painful at times. I do not share from a place as if I have arrived and achieve perfection daily. Even yesterday I was short with my children one of them called me mean, grouchy and even told me I needed to go spend time with Jesus. I had to laugh when he said it but I also knew it was true. I had a day where life just hit, my patience was not where it usually was and my children knew it too. The point of what I share is so that you can begin to create a vision for your parenting, a direction that you are pointing your ship, an end destination. If I were to ask you what your goal is in parenting your children, each one of you would have different answers and what you answer is what drives your parenting everyday. That answer is your vision. My vision for my parenting is I want children that know that God outrageously loves them, are lead by the Holy Spirit and have the Gospel written on their hearts. This vision starts with me first. How do I live this out in the everyday with them? Do I live my life this way? Have I first received this love in my life?