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Compelling Vision

As with anything your motives for your actions is what truly matters. We can appear to do all the “right” things but have the wrong motive or heart behind it. This can apply to any area in your life but for today we will focus on being a parent. As a parent what should our motive be in correcting or disciplining our children? Previously discussed our motive is sometimes a need for control or being driven by fear. What about if Jesus compels us? It changes everything when it is Christ that compels us. I often ask my children if their actions are as Christ would treat his siblings. Their response is always fun and sarcastic. I often have to ask myself the same are my actions and motives as a parent how Christ is towards me? If it Christ then it means my heart is driven by grace, a desire to reach their hearts, develop their mind and stir them to think. I love how Jesus always reached to the heart and stirred the mind. He often challenged and changed a person’s perspective towards what was true. Jesus used examples and brought forth the Gospel as He went about life with the disciples. Truth and love were in the very cells and breath of Christ! Jesus relied on the Spirit and was patient. There were times that He understood that the people’s understanding had not quite arrived. He was aware of what was driving their inner man. Jesus always saw to the heart. Especially as my children grow I spend more time in prayer than I often do speaking. God has shown me how I need to rely more on Him in my words because He gives understanding and changes hearts, not me. Yes I am a vessel but He does the work, not me. It changes everything living with this truth. Living with the reality that my correction needs to be lead by the Spirit. It compels me to be slow before I respond and to rely on the Holy Spirit in my heart and my child’s heart. Behavior modification is great but developing a child’s mind and shaping their heart is life changing. We will continue the discussion tomorrow! Blessings to you today as you go and love on your children!

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    1. Amen! I am thankful and blessed that you are enjoying this series. It is holding me accountable and challenging me each day as I seek the Lord for each post. Blessings to you!! – Joanna


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