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Without vision

A defining moment in my parenting was when I believe God posed the question, how will you teach your children to rely on the Holy Spirit and live out the Gospel? The question left me with no words. I knew the Gospel but how would I teach my children to live the Gospel. Do not get me wrong yes I taught them what Jesus did but the question was how was my parenting and life going to exemplify it for them? I often felt that they were confined by obeying all the perfect rules and behavior modification but how was their hearts going to be focused on what Jesus did and living that out. To be honest I started to see that by working on enforcing rules and having consequences for every broken rule only made them the police to each other and life. They would look around for rule breakers and point out their fault and demand a consequence for their action. They had turned into perfect little Pharisees. They stood as judges over people’s lives. I completely understood where this came from because as a mom, with fear of them turning into rebellious children, I wanted to make sure that there were consequences when they broke the rules. I was the consistent parent but I was not getting perfectly behaved children all I was receiving was stress from inside me and in our relationship. It was not very joyful and I found myself in absolute misery. I was never happy and neither were they. At this time I started to really look at the big picture. To look at the purpose of parenting. What did God intend for parenting to be? What was the vision that I was supposed to have? In my pursuit it began to change how I parent. My approach and heart began to be shaped by the Lord. It started a journey that brought freedom in the everyday struggles. I was no longer the stressed out parent that I once was. Over the next couple days I plan on taking you along part of the journey that God took me on. I hope to be able to change your heart, perspective and approach, just as God changed mine. I look forward to sharing my heart with you. Feel free to ask questions along the way. Blessings to you today as you go and lead your children!!