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Bring a friend

A frequent statement I tell my clients is you can not do life alone. I guess you could but it will not be successful. So often I think we negate the importance of bearing the load with a friend. No matter where we are headed we need support. I think often times what stops people from friendships is hurt from past friendships. The truth is when you are headed places you meet people along the way who are headed places too and then you share the journey. If you choose, in life, to sit on the sidelines or wander down dark deserted places you find lifeless people wandering aimless. Where you travel in life is what you attract. Friends are the ones who help provide encouragement and support. If you have people like this in your life I encourage you to be thankful for them. If you do not have encouraging people in your life go find some and put distance between those who discourage and take away from your life. I understand that most of this appears to be common sense but you would be amazed at how many people keep discouraging people in their inner circle. If someone tears down your dream, discourages your goals and has nothing encouraging to say then it is time to show them the door and create distance. Many people fear doing this and consider it to be mean. I believe it is safe and wise. I always say that a person who chooses to be discouraging and negative has a choice, there choice to be negative is not your fault. You also have a choice to not listen to them. If we continue to listen to negativity it begins to tear us down. You should look at the research on negative thinking and the impact that it has on the brain and body. The type of people in my life  who continue in negativity I put on a mental list of people that I reach out to and help build up but they are not in my inner circle. Support is important and having an inner circle of people who pour life into us and we pour life into them is vital to being healthy and successful. Blessings to you as you go and find amazing people to share life with!

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