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And some days…

I would not be real unless I wrote a post such as this one. Some days life just stinks and is difficult. Some days you are pursuing the dreams God has placed in your heart and a wave crashes over your head. You suddenly find yourself under the water hoping to get some air but before you can get up another wave comes. During these moments I often think about Joseph in the Old Testament. God made clear what he was going to do in Joseph’s life and suddenly the poor guy finds himself at the bottom of a pit. Scripture does not share what he was thinking at that moment but I am sure he questioned or wondered what was happening. The sitting at the bottom of the pit moments are hard but similar to what I shared yesterday those are the moments that we have the option to give up. I do not think the Lord faults us if we do. We also have another decision in that moment… to not give up. The determination to continue through those moments is often supernatural. God has a way of encouraging our hearts and providing strength to take another step forward. This is done through seeking Him for strength and direction. I always go back to what the Lord told Abraham. Abraham was another guy who was given a promise and who waited a really long time to see it come to pass. God told Abraham that He was the great reward. We often think the fulfillment of a dream or promise is what will bring fulfillment but the true fulfillment is found in seeking and knowing God. The amazing part is the process, and how we come to know who God is, He is the sweet reward. Being drawn to and knowing the heart of God is more sweet than anything. Through that I can say thank you Lord for the process, the waves and the pit for all of them brought me closer to your heart. Blessings to you and may you be encouraged that God is with you!

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