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Fear of falling 

Today I was helping my daughter build her confidence to ride her bike. I asked her what was stopping her from getting on the bike and she said the fear of falling. I encouraged her to picture what it would be like to go. She explained that she needed to use the pedals and to start pedaling. I explained to her if she could never picture going and always feared falling she would never go anywhere. This is much like life. Often what prevents us from taking the steps forward is we always fear our failure or the million what ifs that we come up with. What we often fail to do is picture going. We need to picture what it is like to actually accomplish what we are working towards. Then we look at the steps to get there. Like my daughter she had to go through in her mind what the process of pedaling was like and what it felt like to ride her bike with no training wheels. She had a few moments where she was slightly confident and attempted the move forward. In those moments another lesson presented it self attack of the love bugs! Those who are not familiar with these annoying insects they come around twice a year and are the most foolish bug. They fly around aimlessly in swarms. They are actually what caused her to give up trying for the day. In the process of working towards a goal or a dream there are pests and obstacles. This is a place where many people give up. The annoyances or difficulties become too much and people walk away from their dream. Challenges are the moments that actually build character and endurance. When we push through those times and refuse to give up there is a shaping that occurs within. These are the moments that make reaching our goal all the more sweet. Conquering and working through obstacles strengthen us and when we look back make that moment of achievement even greater. Whatever it is you are moving towards today do not grow discouraged! Keep moving forward and picture what achieving your goal looks like. Your goal might be to be more patient with your children. Picture what that looks like and how that feels. Then be encouraged that you will achieve it. There also might be moments where it becomes difficult such as they all choose to disagree at the same moment. You might even fail by growing impatient but do not give up. All of what we are changing in our lives or working on is first a partnership with the Holy Spirit. He is renewing our minds but the process stops the second we stop surrendering and decide to go the old way. Maybe your goal today is to grow your dream or business but obstacles have come up to discourage you. Make the choice not to give up but to keep pressing forward. Remember character is built through the process. Blessings to each one of you and God is working great things in and through you!