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His plans are greater

Some times it appears easier to go through out life complacent. Most people do. Many people never find their passion or their purpose. That very thought grieves my heart. I know for me for a long time I felt like a round peg trying to fit in a square hole. Nothing ever felt right, it felt painful or awkward. Living this way was draining and exhausting. Do not get me wrong I enjoyed being a mom and wife but in my heart I always felt compelled that there was something else. I would spend my days doing what had to be done but never felt fully satisfied. Through much prayer and God’s leading He revealed why I never fit where I thought I was supposed to be but He placed me where I was made to be. It truly is exciting to wake up every day excited, despite the bickering that ensues between my children or the teaching of math lessons. I have a God given passion that compels me forward. It is my heart’s desire to help other people find the same excitement. For some it is making cakes or doing hair but we each have gifts. We are each unique and created with purpose. Have you found that sweet place where you feel like the face of God smiles on you as you pursue your God given passion?

Photo Credit: Sarah Stearns