christian coaching

You Have A Story

There is one thing I enjoy above many things it is hearing someone’s life story. God has given me a gift and a joy, found in listening to the journey that another person has been on. My life has been impacted and encouraged by the many stories of other people’s lives. Each one of us has had obstacles that we have had to overcome, challenges that we have taken head on, and are still standing to tell about it. I think it is easy to discount our story or to think that it is one that lacks importance. I encourage you to share your story there is someone that needs to hear it. There is a specific gift that you have in your story that another person needs to hear. There is courage that you can offer another person who is walking down a similar road. Choose not to be silent but proclaim the goodness that God has offered you in your life and the healing that he has brought through your struggle. Share about your dreams and goals they might inspire someone to proclaim their own. Together you might find encouragement in sharing your hearts. Blessings to you as you go and share your story!

photo credit: Sarah Stearns