Great Takes Work

We get married and have kids but often find our self feeling stuck. The everyday responsibilities of life take over. We find our self running in the circle wondering if there is a way out or purpose in what we are doing. It feels at times that we just feel stuck. We know that our marriage could grow in some ways and our relationship with our family needs some improvement. We can stay stuck in this pattern with no hope for change but desiring more. We often forget that in order to have a great marriage or a strong relationship with our children it takes being intentional and work. We often are unsure where to begin. The first step is to list what you desire to see changed, known as your goal. The next step is to write out ideas on how to reach the set goal. This is where being intentional comes in. We need to be purposeful in order for things to change. If we want a great marriage it requires priority, purpose and time. Once we make our list it is important to follow through with the steps we created. This is where coaching can be helpful. Coaching provides accountability, belief in your strengths and helping you map out where you would like to be.

2 thoughts on “Great Takes Work”

  1. I needed this!! Ok I’m making my list & setting goals. We need to be purposeful in order for things to change” Good stuff! Thank you!


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