christian coaching

Feeling accomplished

Some times life can feel crazy and you feel like you are getting no where. There are seasons where finding clarity of direction can seem impossible. Two things that can help is first making a list of what needs to be done or what weighs heavily in front of you. The second is reminding yourself that this is only a season. We can so easily get consumed when life comes at us like a huge wave and drags us under over and over. These are the moments that the battle to remain positive is difficult but breaking down the pressing issues into a list can help in feeling like you are getting somewhere. The opportunity to cross of the list be it an answered prayer or a bill that gets paid can bring the moment of being above the water instead of under. It also shows progress through what ever season we might find our self in. I encourage you today to go and make a list of the things that are pressing in your life right now. It could be a needed oil change, grocery shopping or prayer for your children. Then take that list in prayer and accomplish what you can today, commit the rest to God’s timing. Remember it is only a season and as the year changes seasons so will this… it will soon pass. Blessings!