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Every thought counts

Our thought life is a very powerful and life altering force. Every decision we make, words we speak, our emotions and the list goes on, begin with our thought life. So often people do not take their thought life serious or realize the importance of what they think about. When you begin to become aware of your thought life and make changes, your life changes. I encourage you to take some time today and write down what you are thinking no matter what it is. Look over the thoughts that you have and see if any of them need to be challenged. For example do you see yourself in a negative way (“I am not good enough, If only I was more outgoing, If only I was a better parent”). You can also write down how these thoughts affect how you feel and what emotions they create. Negative  thoughts need to be challenged. Each one of us are gifted in different ways. If we spent time focusing on what makes us unique instead of being negative towards our self we would notice a change in our demeanor and our mood. The next step is to bring truth to our negative thoughts. An example might be “I am a great parent but today I was tired and not as patient, tonight I am going to sleep early”. I encourage you to start this simple exercise. Pay attention to your thoughts and how they affect your emotions. Remember you were created for a purpose! Blessings!