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He Can

There are those times in life when you hear something, or people say something, and a light bulb comes on. For me one of those moments was while listening to Dr. Caroline Leaf. She talked about how saying “I can’t” is a choice. I had never really considered that before. I almost laughed to myself because it is true. When we state the words “I can’t”, we have already made a decision. Many of us often do not view it that way, but when we break it down we often see the truth that the words have an effect. The moment we decided for our self whether we can, or can not, a decision has been made. This might not even be a purposeful decision, but it begins to trigger thought patterns with in our mind. We speak over our lives whether we believe there is an ability to accomplish whatever task is in front of us. After that day, I made a personal decision to be careful about when I say “I can’t”. Saying “I can’t” so often starts the wall that stops us from stepping into all that we were created to be. At the time the Lord reminded me of the verse in Philippians “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (4:13)”. I love how the verse begins with “I can” and continues with “through Christ”. When God calls us to something, He is the one who enables and strengthens us to do all that He has for us. I encourage you to reconsider the words “I can’t” before you use them. Remember, that in the moment, those words of “I can” or “I can’t” are  spoken a decision has been made. You were created for great and mighty works! Through Christ you CAN do what He has created you to do!! Blessings!