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Gripped by Fear

Fear can be a powerful emotion and bring with it the darkest cloud. We can often find our self consumed with a million what ifs of all the possible worst outcomes. Sadly many people stay in this spot and never step out into what is truly on their heart. A life changing moment for me was when I heard a person speak at a conference about how many people go through out life working and doing what they do not enjoy. I found myself sitting in that same spot. I always had a strong work ethic but was never satisfied. There was a constant longing in my heart for something else. At the time I had an idea of what it was but fear left me sitting in the same spot. I was gripped with the inability to move as fear clouded me. The speaker went on to share that the best thing we could do was be who God made us to be! He said that if the work force was filled with people using their gifts and what they enjoyed to the fullest the world would be a different place. It was almost as if we were doing the world a disservice by not pursuing the gifts and talents that God gave each one of us. That conference changed my life. I decided at that moment that I no longer wanted to sit around hoping things would be different but I was going to make things different. This was one of many moments that God made clear what he created me for. I actually got excited to see what God had planned and how He was going to use my one little life. I look back with no regrets and I no longer live gripped by fear. It feels freeing to not carry the weight that I once had. I encourage you to step out into what God has made you for. Your life has meaning and purpose! The greatest purpose being to love God… the rest is just a bonus. Blessings!